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Message started by Canuck on Jan 2nd, 2004 at 8:41pm

Title: Re: Help! Looking for info. on a Champ 7GCB
Post by Eric Hutchins on Jan 3rd, 2004 at 9:15am
The Champion Challenger you refer to is considered by some the best plane of the Champ line. It has the classic lines and is light with the 0320 engine. Basicly a hot rod Champ. They are good performers and roomy compared to the Cubs. I believe the PK1800 float would be your choice. Possibly the Edo 2000 but I am quite certain the PK is approved and the  better match. For skis I would think any 2000 should be adequette. I would rather be over-skied than under so if there are any 1800's around, which are quite rare, pass and go to a wide bottom Federal 2000 or Aero 2000 which are very common. The wood spar issue is a dead horse beaten to death. The Champs and many others have flown for 60 years. Many out of barns with lack of maintenance. A qualified mechanic and proper inspection will be required. If it passes and the spars get the mechanics signature, I wouldn't worry. Since you are over 100 hp you will also need to inspect once a year at annual. No biggie. Many folks when rebuilding a wing go with new wood spars if replacement was required instead of metal spars. They (wood) will last the life of the a/c like all the others wood spars have done so before. Wood has benefits over the metal spar which I wont get into here. If you go to the Bellanca website at there is lot of spar information.
There were a few wing failures due to spar fracture. Those were mostly in the Scout 8GCBC, and one 7GCBC Citabria. Most of these cases involved airbatics or loading the wing, a missed banner tow/pickup, and a rapid pullup during fish spotting activity. Stressing these wings which are longer and in a/c with bigger engines and not approved for airbatics such is the (Scout) was the NTSB ananlysis. As far as I know there is not a single wing failure doccumented to spar fracture in the Champ lineup. That encompasses 1000's and 1000's of production a/c. Buy the 7GCB!!!! Tail winds--~~````*** Eric

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