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Normal Topic liquid cooled engines?` (Read 2567 times)
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liquid cooled engines?`
Mar 6th, 2011 at 9:31pm
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For any ski flier out there flying behind a liquid cooled engine, and that'd pretty much mean the Rotax 912, and struggling with bringing the engine UP to temps in the winter, you may find this of interest.

A local airplane builder and modifier has let me use his new heater valve on a trial basis, I've got about 7 hours on it now in varying conditions:level flight at 9 degrees airtemp, high power and high AOA in 30 degrees, high speed descent throttled back from 8500' to 5000', and through all these varying situations I was able to easily keep the temps where I wanted them.

It is a pretty simple device, but real well made and very light weight. It is "full port", meaning come summer no compromises in the original flow and cooling capacity. It simply allows you, via a cockpit mounted push/pull control to adjust the fluid flow before it goes through the radiator, (from ALL of it it to whatever fraction you want) instead it goes through a small heat exchanger in the cabin with a muffin fan behind it, thus killing 2 birds with one stone: extra cabin heat and stable engine temps! I am saving a fortune in duct tape, and not having to land just to take some off or put some on my radiator, my previous method of keeping the temps in the proper range. Another advantage, as you would expect, is greatly reduced time spent idling while the engine warms up.

Joel Milloway can be reached at for more info.
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