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Neil Otey
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Think Snow!
Nov 3rd, 2003 at 3:03pm
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Hey everyone,
  Looking forward to a new season in the north. Always thought I'd move to Florida when I retired, but my 170 would rust away, and I couldn't ski fly! What's the point...
  Bought my 1951 C170A (LYC 180HP/CS conversion) in January 02' and the skis (Fed AWB2500 wheel skis) at the same time. Flew last year on lake ice til February because there was no snow.javascript:huh() I did get in 5-6 hours of actual ski flying before the snow was gone. Hoping for a good season this year. I stumbled upon this site a while back and bookmarked it.
  I'm based at 21D, Lake Elmo airport just east of the Twin Cities. I now have about 265 hrs tailwheel time. I have flown for a number of years in those things with "the little round thing up front", but would never trade my taildragger now. Retired from the FAA (ATC) at MSP Approach last November 2nd. Now I talk to real pilots (no offense to you heavy metal jocks) two days a week up at ANE Anoka Tower. Yep, I know...a contract tower.javascript:shocked() Don't believe everything you read in the papers. I walked in the door with 27.5 years of ATC experience...and I'm the junior man! Stop up and see us some time. I'll put our service up against the best the FAA has to offer any day! OK...enough advertising!
  I can vouch for the folks up in Aitkin (AIT) Minnesota. Great people who love pilots and have a beautiful grass strip. The got the hard stuff too...if that's your preference.
  Hope to keep up with all the ski flying get togethers this winter and meet some good folks. See you soon. Everybody just calls me "Odie" javascript:grin().


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