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Mike Klein
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Ski Flyer

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Northern New York New Memeber
Oct 3rd, 2007 at 2:52pm
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Hi All,
    Just stumbled across your forum on my search for skis for my Stinson 108-3 which I just got a few weeks ago.  I have just come across some EDO2425's and will be putting them and a float kit on this spring.  But we have far to many frozen lakes up here that look like they'd be great for ski flying, so I am thinking that maybe this winter I can start.  I have no ski or float experience but do have about 300hrs total (flying for the last year) and know that I want to bush fly.  I am a enthusiastic outdoor adventurer who does just about everything you can do outside (my profession is in the outdoor industry).  Look forward to learning a lot from you guys..

Mike Klein Grin
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Re: Northern New York New Memeber
Reply #1 - Oct 8th, 2007 at 3:34am
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Hi Mike, welcome to the forum and have a great time ski flying this winter. Smiley Cool

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Doug Beck

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Re: Northern New York New Memeber
Reply #2 - Oct 8th, 2007 at 6:06pm
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Welcome to the forum Mike.  Things should start spooling up around here pretty soon.

If your first experience with ski-flying is to be anything like mine, you will be SHOCKED at how much fun it is.  I had landed my Champ off airport occasionally on wheels but now the whole world is opened up to you when the lakes freeze.

I remember once reading a quote by Charles Lindbergh stating something to the effect that flying is both wonderful and cruel to a pilot because although it lets you view a whole new world, it also separates you from it first-hand.  Ha - not so with a set of trusty Federals bolted on.

I hope you find the community here useful to your endeavors.  Go slow and be careful starting out.  Also keep in mind this is a relative warning - for if you were that sort of guy you wouldn't even be here in the fist place and would be content to fly a wheel plane off pavement all year.  I am not implying that ski flying is dangerous mind you, but it does contain a certain amount of risk generally not afforded the above mentioned aviator.  As with all things in life, finding that balance between risk and reward seems to be the key (or as you will find - the balance between snow depth and horsepower!)

You might want to look at F.E. Potts Guide to Bush Flying:  He lets you read some parts online but you have to buy a copy to get the really important parts. 

I'm sure the more experienced members of the group will gladly answer any specific questions once you get going.

Remember to bring a camera along and post a photo here of your inaugural flight!

Also, I took a look at your website - looks like a great life you've got up there !


"We will forever be judged by the tracks we leave" -- Dakota proverb
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